Day 26 – Salut Radio-Canada! Cool day to be a French Teacher

7 Aug

This morning started with a trip to Radio-Canada Atlantique to do a tv interview in French with CBC Moncton.  It was really cool to be on-air with Radio-Canada!  I spent much of my degree listening and watching it, I cannot wait to watch myself online.  Coolest media experience yet!!  They even let me sit at the media desk!

Drove all the way to the PEI bridge to see about having lunch in Charlottetown, when I got there it was 45 dollars to cross.  Deciding that was ridiculous, I opted to turn back and head to Halifax instead to visit my friend Chelsea.

Before crossing the border to Nova Scotia, I grabbed a tea at a Tim Horton’s and found the randomest donuts ever!  Please not from the photo that they are in the shape and form of a hamburger.  It was like two Boston Cream donuts with chocolate frosting in the middle.  I didn’t order one, but I took a picture just to be able to show you.

When I got to Nova Scotia I went to visit Chelsea and we headed down to the wharf to see the buskers.  Most of the events were over but we did get to climb the giant wave and see Theodore the Tugboat from Thomas the Tank Engine.  Lachy (my nephew) was super excited to see it and has decided that him and I will be revisiting this when he comes next time.  I don’t have the heart to tell him that it’s really far away, but I will do my best to take him for sure!

I got a really great message from Katie and the kids today which made my whole day… well that and being in Halifax and having an amazing time!!!


Day 25 – Bringing West Coast games to the East Coast… and a FIRE!

7 Aug

So last night was an adventure in and of itself…  The inn that I crashed in for the night was a little less than classy.  To open the door I had to sweep (with my arm), the mass amount of cobwebs and spiders from the doorway.  Good times.  Inside the Inn it was good for what I needed.  I think part of this trip I have learned what is worth worrying about and what is not.  The small stuff is much easier to just let go of now.

I spoke with Mike from Metro News Toronto – great guy!  The article was just published and it looks amazing (here).

Anyways, woke up, showered and on the road again.  Today the goal was to get to Moncton and camp out with the wicked camping gear Canadian Tire supplied me with.   Before getting to Moncton I stopped in Fredericton.  On the advice of Colin from Fredfm I visited the statue of Fred the Nude Dude and Eddie the Cement Gent.  Fred is older than the Statue of Liberty but other than that I was a little disappointed.  The coolest part of Fredericton was lunch.  I had this wicked chicken Caesar wrap with honey garlic chicken at The Snooty Fox.  It was legendary.  Random, but true!

Checked out the Science Museum and thought it would be fun to try and get into the tree trunk that was on the porch… good times!  Went to Canadian Tire to pick up some more bbq supplies for the trek to Moncton.

Got to Moncton and found a campsite.  Pitched the tent in less than a minute and pulled out the Roadtrip BBQ with two of my friends.  We made steak and epic vegetables while other campers gawked at the awesomeness of the bbq and the meal.  That and they had already been wowed by the quickness of the tent.  Genuinely people stopped to take it all in.  We had a blast and ended up playing cards for a while.  Note the multi-purposed cooler from CT.  Card table… not necessary when you have a wicked cooler.  Made a pretty legit fire, no big deal!  My buddy Jon cut his finger when he was cutting potatoes.  Usually I wouldn’t mention it, but it was a reason to open the little first aid kit that Canadian Tire gave me.  Not going to lie, I was unimpressed when I first got it, because it is maybe 8 x 4 inches and I figured I should maybe pick up another one… but when I opened it there was SO much in it, AND the bandaid literally stayed on through 4 hand washes.  For those of you who are not big band-aid users, this is impressive.

We played 9, 5, 2 which is a WICKED card game I learned in Fort Frances, ON and brought out to Moncton to have a wicked time.  What a great day to camp.  Also important notes for today…  When camping, go for air mattresses that have pumps built-in.  The roots queen-size is definitely the best!  When BBQ, plan ahead for what you will need and try not to have left-overs.  Get a wicked flashlight that can be used as an LED light, lantern, and a dim light.

Great day and off to bed in this epic tent!

Day 24 – Something Fishy Happened… Literally

3 Aug

Today began on a French note with my alarm going off in Montreal.  After a quick bite, I headed on down to the section of Old Montreal just down the street from the small inn that I stayed at.  Many of these buildings are so old and amazing.  The one I took a picture of dates to 1906…. Wow.

Then I got to check out the Aquarium in Quebec City.  This has definitely been a highlight of the trip for sure.  The aquarium was super cool.  I got to touch a sting ray (yeah that’s right a sting ray), and a star fish… AND I learned something cool.  For today’s fun fact, check out the photos below.

Maybe most important for today was who I got to meet…  My niece and nephews will be very stoked to hear that I met DORY and NEMO at the Quebec City Aquarium.  We had some great chats and I am sure they will both be jealous that they didn’t get a chance to meet them.   I’m sure they don’t have to worry though, Dory wouldn’t remember meeting me now anyway… but I did tell her that I needed to get to Australia as well, maybe that will stick!

J’aime beaucoup ces belles villes.  Je viens de traverser jusqu’au Nouveau-Brunswick.  A demain!

(I really enjoyed these beautiful towns.  I just crossed the New Brunswick border.  Until tomorrow!)

Day 23 – See Yeah Ontario! Bonjour Québec!

3 Aug

This morning Jon and I met with a man from the Brampton Guardian newspaper at the Canadian Tire in the Trinity Commons in Brampton.  The cool thing about the photo that they are going to run is that it was taken in the service bay while my car got its third oil change in 3 weeks.  Luckily they knew I was coming, because otherwise I’d just be that weird guy who really likes clean oil, I mean three changes in 3 weeks it’s excessive even for the cleanest of people (hahaha).

The man from the Canadian Tire service bay was amazing.  His name is John H and if he had facebook I would befriend him for sure.  Super cool man!

Car got an inspection and a thumbs up so off to the East coast it is.  Stopped in Toronto for lunch with some friends then off the Montreal.  Got in pretty late so I don’t have a lot of photos but I will write more tomorrow for sure!

I will post photos tomorrow when I have a better signal.

Day 22 – Rest, Recharge, and Prepare… East Coast… Here I come!

1 Aug

Today was an interesting day.  I love getting to be back in Peterborough!

This morning I headed to campus relatively early.  It is important to note that Bert and I did an abs workout yesterday and basically every time I laugh, I am in pain.  This is funnier if you remember that I think I’m hilarious, to everyone else… maybe not as much, but to me… hilarious.

 Clearly my first stop had to be my home at LEC.  K. Curle,  so stellar, was working away in the college office when I jumped in.  We were quickly joined by Carolyn and had a great catch up session in the Senior Common room. 

The ladies in the Registrar’s office made my day with a wonderful pot luck in Blackburn.  I got to tell some great stories and eat some great food.  I miss working at Trent!

The article that I did an interview for yesterday was published today.  It looks great in Metro News (here). 

Then I got to do a live interview with CBC Toronto!  It was really amazing.  Live interviews are intense, but the cool thing is you don’t have time to think too much about you answers.  I hope you enjoy it! (here)

After Trent I headed to Hayden to meet with two of my best friends, Sarah and Jon.  Oh and then there’s their families…  both are the most amazing people ever.  Just saying.  I was in Sarah and Jon’s wedding this summer and it was the coolest experience ever.

Anyways, headed from there down to Brampton and it is here where I will sleep tonight.  Tomorrow is a big day: oil change, brunch plans and off to Montreal!

Day 21 – Back to the Borough!

1 Aug

I always feel a little better about life when I know I’m going to be coming into Peterborough.  That feeling of being home and feeling safe is such a great one to have.  Part of the feeling is about the friends I’ve made and the memories I have of this amazing city, but it’s also about the city’s character.  In a conversation with my friend Katie today, we discussed the “colourful” nature that Peterborough not only has but seems to highlight.  We are a diverse and interesting community for sure!

But before I get ahead of myself I have to tell you the best thing that happened today.  This morning, on our way to breakfast, Martine and I ran into some people in Huntsville who were working on these great floral arrangements outside.  The younger girl was a friend of Martine’s so we exchanged pleasantries.  I was made aware that she is currently a Trent student and belongs to Lady Eaton College (aka my college, aka the best college on campus… true).  Anyways after a quick chat the older lady interrupts and says, “are you the guy that’s driving across the country?” “Well yes I am,” I reply….  “I saw you on tv last night!”  …..  Challenge to keep ego in check when I get super excited because someone noticed me.  So AMAZING!

So today was a pretty intense day in Peterborough.  I got to help my friend Chantelle clean her apartment, because it’s the end of “a month” which usually means at least one person moving out.  I haven’t seen Chantelle in a while so it was nice to catch up and help out!  Then I ran over to see my friend Marina before she rushed off to work, and met up with my friend Katie in the same parking lot.  After lunch we walked over to Hassleton’s to meet with some other friends and on the way ran into two groups of people that we both knew.  What a cool city, where you can walk around town and just run into friends all over!

Tea, updates, and great conversations seem to always be a result of a trip to Hassleton’s (although I’m bummed apple cider is only a seasonal thing).  After that I met my buddy Bert (aka Robert) and we went to the gym.  The Trent gym is amazing and honestly I have missed it a lot.  Something I recommend on a roadtrip is to get out and try and do as much exercise as possible.  Most days I just sit and eat…. you can probably tell from the tv, let’s just say it’s not the camera adding the weight…  

Got to hang out with Raylee and Rhiannon.  See a new house, and met my favourite 2 year old in Peterborough (Rhiannon’s baby Brian).  We played hide and seek for a while and it was really cool when he yelled, “Where’s Greg?” in a very 2 year old, but super clear voice.  When we left, I promised Brian the next time I come we will put up the tent in the back yard and sleep in it.  He was super stoked!

All my photos from today were on my phone.  I promise I will take some good ones tomorrow!


Day 20 – I’m off the Park… 60 Second Tent…. Challenge Accepted!

31 Jul

From the camp it is about an hour drive into the Soo.  It turned out perfectly that Emily was awake super early and was able to join me for breakfast.  We then headed to the Canadian Tire to meet with CTV.  I’m really stoked because the news piece looks great (you can watch it here starts at 8:15).  In this video you get to meet Emily too!  What a star!

After the CTV interview, I was back in the car on the way through Huntsville to Algonquin Park.

About halfway through the day my plans changed and my friend Martine decided to come camping with me.  By the time we got to the park it was quite late.  We needed to use the flashlight (one of the ones with a lantern built in)  to quickly read the instructions.  This is one of the Coleman Insta-tents that are said to be able to be put up in 60 seconds flat.

This was obviously a challenge I was stoked to face.  I figured on the first try it would take longer to set-up.  I used to be a boy scout so I am fairly good with tents, but nothing as sophisticated as the insta-tent.

After reading the 2 step instructions then tent was up in 30 seconds flat, leaving me a good 30 uninterrupted seconds to gawk at how amazing this tent is.  I post a photo below to show you how big it is.  You can legit stand inside this tent.  It is easily the coolest tent I have ever seen.

I also had picked up a Roots air mattress with a built-in, battery operated pump.  Best purchase so far at Canadian Tire because after attempting to blow my other one up, I conceded to using the electric pump and the bed was useable in seconds!

There is still a fire ban on in the park, so no fire for now.  Hopefully we will have some rain before my next camping adventure…. OH I almost forgot.  This tent also DOES NOT require a fly.  For those of you who are campers you are either shocked or skeptical (or maybe both).  I have yet to try it in the rain but I promise I will let you know as soon as I do.  The tent was super well vented and the stars are amazing!

I’ll write again tomorrow!