Day 31 – True Dorothy, There IS No Place Like Home

12 Aug

Today was a busy, busy day.  I woke up this morning and went to spend some time with the lovely ladies at Queen’s.  If there is one thing I know really appreciated from Queen’s, it was the amazing staff who work there.

Then I headed over to see my old friend Michelle at the Goodes Building.  Even though I’m a Queen’s alum I had no idea what said Goodes building was, turns out that Goodes Hall is the Business program.  I haven’t seen Michelle since our days on the Student Senate and my time as Student Trustee.  It was really cool to relive some of the cool memories.

Then it was off to meet Martha, my associate teacher from this year who has become a very good friend of mine.   This year I learned so much from Martha this year so today was a great chance to catch up and have coffee.  When I got there, Martha had a gift for me, a portrait of her royal highness the Queen of England.  Now you are probably wondering why…  Well, Martha has a portrait of the Queen in her classroom and when it came time for me to apply for jobs we discussed how I should request a letter of recommendation from the Queen because she had seen all of my teaching.  That and she will be put up in my classroom one day.  I had coffee with Martha and her family and really enjoyed catching up and telling fun stories.  Stories of the whales, the ghosts in Halifax, the oceans, etc…

With time running out in my busy day I booted it down to Downtown Kingston to meet Jan (my landlord and “Kingston mom”) for lunch.  Before we left I got to meet some of the people that Jan works with.  They were all super nice and it was really cool for them to say things like, “I know you from tv.” “I know you from the newspaper.” “I know you from the radio.”  Not going to lie, it was a really cool feeling (still keeping my ego in check though).  Lunch was great and although short, we had a really great chance to catch up and tell some fun stories.  It is interesting for me to have so many more stories to tell.  If you know me, you know I’m never short of things to say, now I’m stoked to have even more fun adventures to talk about!

Then I headed down to the Canadian Tire for an interview with the Whig Standard.  The article is going to look legit and I’m pretty stoked.

After that I headed over to meet my friend Tiffany at the other Canadian Tire, which is apparently the biggest in Canada.  She was somewhat saddened to hear that the one in Vancouver is three floors of similar size.  However, I think it still might be the biggest single-floored Canadian Tire.  She was somewhat happy with that.

On my way to Peterborough I stopped to have dinner with grandma and met Magen and Kalel for a quick tour.  Made it back to Peterborough as darkness hit, and still it felt like home.  It has been an amazing trip, the most amazing month, and the stories are endless.  That being sad, I’m still happy to be home.

When I come to Peterborough I stay at my friend Bert’s house.  Honestly, it’s like being home.  It is pretty wicked to know that I have a place to crash when I show up.  It’s pretty legit.


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