Day 30 – Oh Hey Ontario, it’s been a while!

10 Aug

Today I made my way back to Kingston, ON.  It rained most of the trip, but I did snap a pretty great photo of a Canadian Tire truck.  Good times.

When I arrived in Kingston I had dinner with my friends from the curling club.  The Cataraqui Golf and Country Club was an awesome place to be this year.  The people were amazing and accepted me right away.  I curled with some of the most amazing people in Kingston!  Good memories!  The picture below is the mixed team that I curled with.  They are great people and we had a lot of fun this year!!  It was wicked to get to catch up and tell some great stories about my trip!

Then after dinner I headed down to the Kingston Square to watch a movie on the outdoor screen with my friend Holly.  I got to meet 5 of her friends and had a really great time.  What a cool idea Kingston!  I haven’t had a chance to catch up with Holly in a long time so this was a great opportunity for us to chat.


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