Day 28 – A Day of Imperfections… ALL Worth It! And I LOVE This Tent!

8 Aug

Today started with a trip for breakfast with a very good friend.  Bryanne was my neighbour in first year university.  I haven’t seen Bryanne since graduation and breakfast was really awesome for me.  The downside is that it was raining (it’s Halifax so you’d think I’d know better), but it wasn’t raining when I left so I did not bring my raincoat.  By the time I got to the restaurant (a 35 minute walk from my friend Chelsea’s apartment) the rain had just started.  Y the time I left it was actually pouring.  Good thing I’m not made of sugar….  Soaked, but worth it.

Chelsea then took me down to the Church that we had visited on the ghost walk last night.  This church is 3 km from the blast sight of the Halifax explosion.  In the first photo you can see that some shrapnel from the blast is still imbedded in the wall of the church, left there after years of renovations and changes as a memorial.   As a result of the explosion the torso and head of a sailor was launched through window on the second floor.  Numerous times the window has been changed, and many have been to the inside of the second floor and seen nothing in the glass from the inside.  During the day you can see it plain as day.  Check it out for yourself!

Then we headed to Peggy’s Cove.  It’s one of the most famous tourist attractions on the East coast.  There are some great photos of the trip, including a fairly funny one of my trying to “hold” it up.

The day was supposed to end with a trip back to Fredericton… but Dorothy had other plans.  I had asked her to avoid toll roads.  If you know anything about the regular trip from Halifax to New Brunswick you know that there is a toll road on the route.  Dorothy, knowing I wanted to avoid tolls (and me not knowing there is one), had me take the 101 out of Halifax.  I pulled into a town about 10 minutes outside of the city to grab a bite and got a call from my friend Meaghan who had just landed in Halifax from St. John’s (she’s a flight attendant).  She met me in this town, told me that “the ferry is not a good option” and set me on my way towards the toll road.  4 dollars later I was all set.  Made it to Fredericton and back to Camper’s City, pitched the 30 second tent and attempted to build a fire.

The firewood was damp so this was a challenge, but after burning all of the newspaper I had, I resorted to Tim Horton’s cups, on ripped up inside another.  Worked well.  Great day!


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