Day 27 – Fun facts and creepy tale of Halifax, NS

7 Aug

Today’s cool recap starts with wicked news from some of my Facebook friends and a wonderful woman who is a very well-read blogger…  The Toronto Sun has run a FULL PAGE story on me in their Monday newspaper (link here).  This was super cool news and a great way to start the day.  Click the play button to see some great photos!

Even better in the eyes of the roadtrip is that the bed that is in Chelsea’s guest room is easily the most comfy bed I think I have ever slept on.  This morning was rough to try and wake up.   After finally getting up we decided to head to her parent’s house and go swimming in the Atlantic.  You will remember, if you’ve been reading this far, that I was able to put my hand in the Pacific with my good friend Jen Freele in Squamish, BC.  Now I have accomplished both oceans and truly met the goal of an amazing cross Canada Roadtrip!

Went swimming in the ocean and it was AMAZING!  The water was cold at first but actually really nice!  After that we headed down to Lunenburg to check out the sights.  The pizza photo was my favourite so I included it below.  I got myself some Salt Water Taffy and life was good!

Chelsea made this EPIC pasta bake for dinner that honestly could not have been better.

Tonight was the coolest.  So far on this trip I have seen cities from the sky, from the water, from the perspectives of people new, and from the eyes of people who have lived in the city forever.  Tonight I got the opportunity to do a ghost walk of Halifax and learn about the city in a very historical and intense way.  Our tour guide Glen was pretty great and the stories were impressive.   On the way back Chelsea decided she wanted a piggy-back.  Then after a while decided that she should give me one.  What a great night!  We had a blast!  I can’t believe that I start the trek home tomorrow….

(I’m sorry that all of these are coming at once… internet is more challenging on the East coast, which I find weird, but true).



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