Day 26 – Salut Radio-Canada! Cool day to be a French Teacher

7 Aug

This morning started with a trip to Radio-Canada Atlantique to do a tv interview in French with CBC Moncton.  It was really cool to be on-air with Radio-Canada!  I spent much of my degree listening and watching it, I cannot wait to watch myself online.  Coolest media experience yet!!  They even let me sit at the media desk!

Drove all the way to the PEI bridge to see about having lunch in Charlottetown, when I got there it was 45 dollars to cross.  Deciding that was ridiculous, I opted to turn back and head to Halifax instead to visit my friend Chelsea.

Before crossing the border to Nova Scotia, I grabbed a tea at a Tim Horton’s and found the randomest donuts ever!  Please not from the photo that they are in the shape and form of a hamburger.  It was like two Boston Cream donuts with chocolate frosting in the middle.  I didn’t order one, but I took a picture just to be able to show you.

When I got to Nova Scotia I went to visit Chelsea and we headed down to the wharf to see the buskers.  Most of the events were over but we did get to climb the giant wave and see Theodore the Tugboat from Thomas the Tank Engine.  Lachy (my nephew) was super excited to see it and has decided that him and I will be revisiting this when he comes next time.  I don’t have the heart to tell him that it’s really far away, but I will do my best to take him for sure!

I got a really great message from Katie and the kids today which made my whole day… well that and being in Halifax and having an amazing time!!!


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