Day 25 – Bringing West Coast games to the East Coast… and a FIRE!

7 Aug

So last night was an adventure in and of itself…  The inn that I crashed in for the night was a little less than classy.  To open the door I had to sweep (with my arm), the mass amount of cobwebs and spiders from the doorway.  Good times.  Inside the Inn it was good for what I needed.  I think part of this trip I have learned what is worth worrying about and what is not.  The small stuff is much easier to just let go of now.

I spoke with Mike from Metro News Toronto – great guy!  The article was just published and it looks amazing (here).

Anyways, woke up, showered and on the road again.  Today the goal was to get to Moncton and camp out with the wicked camping gear Canadian Tire supplied me with.   Before getting to Moncton I stopped in Fredericton.  On the advice of Colin from Fredfm I visited the statue of Fred the Nude Dude and Eddie the Cement Gent.  Fred is older than the Statue of Liberty but other than that I was a little disappointed.  The coolest part of Fredericton was lunch.  I had this wicked chicken Caesar wrap with honey garlic chicken at The Snooty Fox.  It was legendary.  Random, but true!

Checked out the Science Museum and thought it would be fun to try and get into the tree trunk that was on the porch… good times!  Went to Canadian Tire to pick up some more bbq supplies for the trek to Moncton.

Got to Moncton and found a campsite.  Pitched the tent in less than a minute and pulled out the Roadtrip BBQ with two of my friends.  We made steak and epic vegetables while other campers gawked at the awesomeness of the bbq and the meal.  That and they had already been wowed by the quickness of the tent.  Genuinely people stopped to take it all in.  We had a blast and ended up playing cards for a while.  Note the multi-purposed cooler from CT.  Card table… not necessary when you have a wicked cooler.  Made a pretty legit fire, no big deal!  My buddy Jon cut his finger when he was cutting potatoes.  Usually I wouldn’t mention it, but it was a reason to open the little first aid kit that Canadian Tire gave me.  Not going to lie, I was unimpressed when I first got it, because it is maybe 8 x 4 inches and I figured I should maybe pick up another one… but when I opened it there was SO much in it, AND the bandaid literally stayed on through 4 hand washes.  For those of you who are not big band-aid users, this is impressive.

We played 9, 5, 2 which is a WICKED card game I learned in Fort Frances, ON and brought out to Moncton to have a wicked time.  What a great day to camp.  Also important notes for today…  When camping, go for air mattresses that have pumps built-in.  The roots queen-size is definitely the best!  When BBQ, plan ahead for what you will need and try not to have left-overs.  Get a wicked flashlight that can be used as an LED light, lantern, and a dim light.

Great day and off to bed in this epic tent!


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