Day 24 – Something Fishy Happened… Literally

3 Aug

Today began on a French note with my alarm going off in Montreal.  After a quick bite, I headed on down to the section of Old Montreal just down the street from the small inn that I stayed at.  Many of these buildings are so old and amazing.  The one I took a picture of dates to 1906…. Wow.

Then I got to check out the Aquarium in Quebec City.  This has definitely been a highlight of the trip for sure.  The aquarium was super cool.  I got to touch a sting ray (yeah that’s right a sting ray), and a star fish… AND I learned something cool.  For today’s fun fact, check out the photos below.

Maybe most important for today was who I got to meet…  My niece and nephews will be very stoked to hear that I met DORY and NEMO at the Quebec City Aquarium.  We had some great chats and I am sure they will both be jealous that they didn’t get a chance to meet them.   I’m sure they don’t have to worry though, Dory wouldn’t remember meeting me now anyway… but I did tell her that I needed to get to Australia as well, maybe that will stick!

J’aime beaucoup ces belles villes.  Je viens de traverser jusqu’au Nouveau-Brunswick.  A demain!

(I really enjoyed these beautiful towns.  I just crossed the New Brunswick border.  Until tomorrow!)


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