Day 23 – See Yeah Ontario! Bonjour Québec!

3 Aug

This morning Jon and I met with a man from the Brampton Guardian newspaper at the Canadian Tire in the Trinity Commons in Brampton.  The cool thing about the photo that they are going to run is that it was taken in the service bay while my car got its third oil change in 3 weeks.  Luckily they knew I was coming, because otherwise I’d just be that weird guy who really likes clean oil, I mean three changes in 3 weeks it’s excessive even for the cleanest of people (hahaha).

The man from the Canadian Tire service bay was amazing.  His name is John H and if he had facebook I would befriend him for sure.  Super cool man!

Car got an inspection and a thumbs up so off to the East coast it is.  Stopped in Toronto for lunch with some friends then off the Montreal.  Got in pretty late so I don’t have a lot of photos but I will write more tomorrow for sure!

I will post photos tomorrow when I have a better signal.


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