Day 22 – Rest, Recharge, and Prepare… East Coast… Here I come!

1 Aug

Today was an interesting day.  I love getting to be back in Peterborough!

This morning I headed to campus relatively early.  It is important to note that Bert and I did an abs workout yesterday and basically every time I laugh, I am in pain.  This is funnier if you remember that I think I’m hilarious, to everyone else… maybe not as much, but to me… hilarious.

 Clearly my first stop had to be my home at LEC.  K. Curle,  so stellar, was working away in the college office when I jumped in.  We were quickly joined by Carolyn and had a great catch up session in the Senior Common room. 

The ladies in the Registrar’s office made my day with a wonderful pot luck in Blackburn.  I got to tell some great stories and eat some great food.  I miss working at Trent!

The article that I did an interview for yesterday was published today.  It looks great in Metro News (here). 

Then I got to do a live interview with CBC Toronto!  It was really amazing.  Live interviews are intense, but the cool thing is you don’t have time to think too much about you answers.  I hope you enjoy it! (here)

After Trent I headed to Hayden to meet with two of my best friends, Sarah and Jon.  Oh and then there’s their families…  both are the most amazing people ever.  Just saying.  I was in Sarah and Jon’s wedding this summer and it was the coolest experience ever.

Anyways, headed from there down to Brampton and it is here where I will sleep tonight.  Tomorrow is a big day: oil change, brunch plans and off to Montreal!


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