Day 21 – Back to the Borough!

1 Aug

I always feel a little better about life when I know I’m going to be coming into Peterborough.  That feeling of being home and feeling safe is such a great one to have.  Part of the feeling is about the friends I’ve made and the memories I have of this amazing city, but it’s also about the city’s character.  In a conversation with my friend Katie today, we discussed the “colourful” nature that Peterborough not only has but seems to highlight.  We are a diverse and interesting community for sure!

But before I get ahead of myself I have to tell you the best thing that happened today.  This morning, on our way to breakfast, Martine and I ran into some people in Huntsville who were working on these great floral arrangements outside.  The younger girl was a friend of Martine’s so we exchanged pleasantries.  I was made aware that she is currently a Trent student and belongs to Lady Eaton College (aka my college, aka the best college on campus… true).  Anyways after a quick chat the older lady interrupts and says, “are you the guy that’s driving across the country?” “Well yes I am,” I reply….  “I saw you on tv last night!”  …..  Challenge to keep ego in check when I get super excited because someone noticed me.  So AMAZING!

So today was a pretty intense day in Peterborough.  I got to help my friend Chantelle clean her apartment, because it’s the end of “a month” which usually means at least one person moving out.  I haven’t seen Chantelle in a while so it was nice to catch up and help out!  Then I ran over to see my friend Marina before she rushed off to work, and met up with my friend Katie in the same parking lot.  After lunch we walked over to Hassleton’s to meet with some other friends and on the way ran into two groups of people that we both knew.  What a cool city, where you can walk around town and just run into friends all over!

Tea, updates, and great conversations seem to always be a result of a trip to Hassleton’s (although I’m bummed apple cider is only a seasonal thing).  After that I met my buddy Bert (aka Robert) and we went to the gym.  The Trent gym is amazing and honestly I have missed it a lot.  Something I recommend on a roadtrip is to get out and try and do as much exercise as possible.  Most days I just sit and eat…. you can probably tell from the tv, let’s just say it’s not the camera adding the weight…  

Got to hang out with Raylee and Rhiannon.  See a new house, and met my favourite 2 year old in Peterborough (Rhiannon’s baby Brian).  We played hide and seek for a while and it was really cool when he yelled, “Where’s Greg?” in a very 2 year old, but super clear voice.  When we left, I promised Brian the next time I come we will put up the tent in the back yard and sleep in it.  He was super stoked!

All my photos from today were on my phone.  I promise I will take some good ones tomorrow!



One Response to “Day 21 – Back to the Borough!”

  1. Karen Hasenpflug Deutscher August 1, 2012 at 9:36 am #

    Hello Greg, from the Deutschers. Now that you are home I am finally getting a chance to look at your blog a bit. We heard you on CBC last week. Sounds like you had an awesome experience. Way to go!
    Karen, Al, Danielle & Gavin

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