Day 20 – I’m off the Park… 60 Second Tent…. Challenge Accepted!

31 Jul

From the camp it is about an hour drive into the Soo.  It turned out perfectly that Emily was awake super early and was able to join me for breakfast.  We then headed to the Canadian Tire to meet with CTV.  I’m really stoked because the news piece looks great (you can watch it here starts at 8:15).  In this video you get to meet Emily too!  What a star!

After the CTV interview, I was back in the car on the way through Huntsville to Algonquin Park.

About halfway through the day my plans changed and my friend Martine decided to come camping with me.  By the time we got to the park it was quite late.  We needed to use the flashlight (one of the ones with a lantern built in)  to quickly read the instructions.  This is one of the Coleman Insta-tents that are said to be able to be put up in 60 seconds flat.

This was obviously a challenge I was stoked to face.  I figured on the first try it would take longer to set-up.  I used to be a boy scout so I am fairly good with tents, but nothing as sophisticated as the insta-tent.

After reading the 2 step instructions then tent was up in 30 seconds flat, leaving me a good 30 uninterrupted seconds to gawk at how amazing this tent is.  I post a photo below to show you how big it is.  You can legit stand inside this tent.  It is easily the coolest tent I have ever seen.

I also had picked up a Roots air mattress with a built-in, battery operated pump.  Best purchase so far at Canadian Tire because after attempting to blow my other one up, I conceded to using the electric pump and the bed was useable in seconds!

There is still a fire ban on in the park, so no fire for now.  Hopefully we will have some rain before my next camping adventure…. OH I almost forgot.  This tent also DOES NOT require a fly.  For those of you who are campers you are either shocked or skeptical (or maybe both).  I have yet to try it in the rain but I promise I will let you know as soon as I do.  The tent was super well vented and the stars are amazing!

I’ll write again tomorrow!


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