Day 18 – Fort Frances…. Big Day for News!

29 Jul

So in case you didn’t guess, I stayed today in Fort Frances, ON with my friend Alyssa and her amazing family.  We woke up at the cabin and had a wonderful breakfast before helping out a bit on the construction of their new cabin just next door.  The cabin is on the lake, so after a bit we ended up in the water.  Alyssa has several younger cousins so we spent some time playing marco polo and really fun other water games.  Alyssa’s uncle Mike took us out on the boat to see the famous Mermaid of Fort Frances.

The Mermaid has several different stories.  For the purposes of this blog I thought I would write three options and let you decide.  One I will create here on the spot, one is real, and one is a commonly told false story.  Before reading the options take a look at the photos of the Mermaid.

1.  Like the peninsula in Lorelei, Germany where ships are lured in too close by the tempting sounds of the beautiful mermaids, this statue now represents the treacherous rocks that summon lost sailors.  In the middle of the Lake just outside of Fort Frances, many a fisherman has gone missing or a boat turned to shreds by the pointed edges of the Mermaid rock.  In warning this statue was made to forever warn newcomers that the rock is a very dangerous place during the day and at night.

2.  A student studying architecture decided to make a statue of a Mermaid, it ended up in the middle of the lake.  Some people don’t get the same kind of cool summer job that I got.

3.  A very rich American man lived on the lake many years ago, he had daughter who loved the lake more than anything.  Every day she would spend as much time as possible swimming and enjoying the water.  The family would often joke that this girl may soon grow gills because she spent so much time underwater at the lake.  One day, the girl decided to swim further than ever before.  Her family was not worried when she did not return for lunch, by dinner time the warning bells started to ring, when the sun set on the river there was still no sign of her.  The young girl drowned.  In memory of his daughter, the rich man had a statue of a mermaid made and placed in the centre of her favourite place.  To this day the locals still venture out to the mermaid and pay their respects to the girl lost to the sea.

After seeing the mermaid, we headed down to the Bass tournament to meet some of Alyssa’s friends and have a really good time.  What a great night!!!

Oh… I forgot to explain the title…  The Bass tournament is the biggest event in Fort Frances, so it was a big day for news with me being in town too!  Whoot!  It was awesome!


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