Day 17 – Goodbye Prairies, HELLO Sunshine

28 Jul

I know I shouldn’t be happy to be moving back into dryer area, and I’m sure my father will not appreciate the title, but wow, it’s nice to be wearing shorts again!

This morning I met with one of my professors from my degree.  She now works at the University of Winnipeg so we had a really great breakfast and a chance to catch up.  The cool thing with a degree at Trent is that you genuinely get to know your professors.  I really appreciated today’s chat.  Afterwards Adina took me to the U Winnipeg bookstore to buy me a mug. “Tu as besoin de quelque chose comme objet d’ici.”  (You need some kind of object from here).

After that I hoped in the car on the way to visit Alyssa in Fort Frances!

The drive from Winnipeg is very… uneventful.  There were some great lake views, but otherwise a lot fo the same trees in a very similar fashion along the highway.

When I got to Alyssa’s we headed straight for the cabin (aka cottage), that is about a 15 minute drive from her house and on this amazing lake.  Basically her whole family was up and it was really cool to get to meet them all.  We played cards and…. I learned a new card game…. and I won…. it was super exciting!

We built a camp fire and hung out for hours.  I think tonight I started to reflect a lot on what I have been doing up until this point and how this trip/adventure has/will effect my life.  In talking with Alyssa I realized that this trip is way more about friendship than I could have imagined.  Yes, I’ve been driving across the country,  yes, I have seen some amazing things and learned a lot, but in the end what Canadian Tire has allowed me to do is to strengthen friendships that I am so excited to be able to have for years to come.  It is typical after school ends for people to go their separate ways; life changes.  With Facebook we have been able to stay connected in some ways but overall, many friendships fade over time.  It has happened to all of us (if you’re thinking, “not to me” be prepared, it’s coming).  I don’t mean this in a cynical way but more in a realistic way.  This trip has allowed me to understand where people are in their lives, who they are becoming, and where they’d like to be.  It has allowed me the opportunity to grow as a person but also to understand how to be a “long-distance friend”.

At the campfire we tried out the new Off-Fans!  They worked better than most of the other bug repellant things I have used!  Way to go Canadian Tire.  Stellar product.

For those of you whom I’ve met already on this trip, I hope you have a similar feeling.  For those of you I have not made it to yet…. please be prepared for some amazing memories!

That’s all for today,


(photos will come soon, I’ve lost my camera in the piles of Canadian Tire awesomeness in my car)


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