Day 16 – Today I Woke up and said… it’s 4:30 I better Start Driving

26 Jul

So the title kind of gives away the beginning but I’m sure you are asking yourself why I did that.  Well Jac and Ayad needed to grab a flight in the morning at 6 am, so we were up and out.

Today was mostly a driving day… not a lot to tell.  I decided to take the long way to Winnipeg in order to see some new countryside and to see “Dog River” from Corner Gas (aka Rouleau, SK).

It was pretty cool to see the set of the show, but mostly I went so that I can say that I was there whenever the show comes on.

I posted some photos of the drive and some of the great “Giant” things that I found along the way.

When I arrived in Winnipeg at 4:30 pm, I went straight to the CTV Winnipeg office for an interview.  Then I checked in at the hostel, and am currently sitting at the table with some new friends.

Hostels are the coolest places.  The people I just met range in age from 20 to 60 and all have an interesting story to tell.  In Winnipeg, most of these stories involve traveling across the country.  Some people by bike, some for work, and some to meet up with family.  It is an interesting experience sharing a house with so many different people.  I can’t help remembering my favourite part of my friends speaking a language that I id not understand in my presence.  In response I would tell them, “you have beautiful eyes” (A phrase I now now in 24 different languages).  I will always remember how they would laugh and then remember that I did not understand what they were saying.

It is interesting that this trip has allowed me to create new memories with many friends and remember how much I cherish the memories of my best international friends!  If you guys are reading this, you are awesome and I miss you.  For now, I will enjoy the amazing memories that have just happened and the ones that are yet to come.  Ontario and out EAST be prepared!


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