Day 13 – The Trek Back Begins

24 Jul

What a day!

With the way that today started I knew it was going to be awesome. When I thought about the idea of crossing the country, I was so excited to know that I would be reconnecting with people who are important in my life, fortifying friendships, and obviously creating new friendships.  I didn’t realize that I would also have the opportunity to connect in an “adult” way with one of my cousins who I haven’t seen in years.  Visiting Steph in Vancouver has definitely been the highlight so far!

After that I left Vancouver to head towards Edmonton.  On the way I did a French interview with Radio Canada (CBC) in Vancouver and an interview over the phone with CBC Ottawa!  It was amazing!  Also I saw the video from CTV Victoria that looks amazing.  Snoop Dog didn’t even get as much coverage as I did!  EPIC!  You can see it here.
Then as I was driving I pulled into a stop on the Alberta BC border so that I could take a photo in not only two places at once, but also two times at once (it’s also a timezone boarder).  Anyways as I pulled in there was a BEAR!  It was super cool!  I didn’t get a great picture but you can kind of see it through the bushes.

Today I was chillin’ in my car with my Trent shirt, thinking about some great memories and awesome staff!


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