Day 12 – You Wouldn’t Want to be Too Squeamish in Squamish BC

23 Jul

Today was an action packed day!  (Sidenote, my sd card reader is in the car so photos will be up tomorrow).

At the beginning of the day I went over to one of the Canadian Tires in Vancouver to have an oil change.  The store was actually the nicest CT store I have ever seen.  It was three floors of impressive.

My next stop (as you probably guessed from the title) was to visit Squamish BC and my good friend Jen.  Jen works at a summer camp in BC.  I got to experience some of the amazingness that is this camp.  I’m hoping to get to put up the videos from today soon.  Jen showed me the archery range (and I shot some great arrows), and all over camp.  She taught me how to walk across ropes like a tightrope walker (I think it was called slack roping…).

Anyways it was the most amazing time getting to catch up and see some of the great sights.  My favourite photo of today (other than the funny posing shots) was the timer shot of us putting out hands in the ocean.  It was pretty intense to get it set up but it was really great!

I’ve been playing this “Where am I game?” with many of my facebook friends, having them try and guess where I am when I took a picture.  My favourite one so far was taken in the woods outside of Jen’s camp.  I will give you the clues and see if you can get it…

1.  I am in the photo, in the background is the woods and a bridge.  I am holding my pointer fingers up to my mouth like teeth.

2. I am “glad” there is no sun.

3.  Millions of people would understand the photo reference to a famous movie.

I will post the photo tomorrow and we shall see if anyone gets it.

Then I got to drive back and pick my cousin Steph up from the airport.  Steph is a little older than me, and as such I haven’t got to hang out with her a lot (well that and she lives in BC).  This trip has allowed me the chance to get to spend some quality time with her today and I cannot be thankful enough for that.  It is amazing that this trip has allowed me to reconnect with friends and to form better connections with many family members!

Tomorrow I hit the road again.  I think I’m just going to drive until I don’t feel like driving anymore then I bunk down.  Next coolest thing to look forward to is my stay in Edmonton with one of my great friends from Trent.  Desi, look out, here I come!

Also CTV Vancouver Island ran a story on me today which I hope will be up tomorrow.  If it is I will post a link to that too.

As we come into the Monday drudge I hope the files are easier to file and the calls are pleasant!  And for those of you who don’t work at Trent, I hope you have great days too!


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