Day 11 – Sunshine in BC is like … (insert clever analogy)… aka it doesn’t happen often, but when it does it is amazing

22 Jul

Today became a lot about preparing for my trip to Victoria.

I booked a reservation on the ferry to and from the island last night so that I would know I could make it.  Then in the morning I got a call from CTV Victoria saying that they are interested in my story and when would I be able to come.  When I told him that I’d be on the 2 o’clock ferry he was excited and said could you come right in after landing.  I did and now I will be a part of the CTV news tomorrow and they said they are going to put the story online!  So Stoked!

Better yet, on my ferry ride over I saw two small pods of whales (And no the CT stickers didn’t stay on long, but I really like the photo!).  Apparently, according to the cameraman, the whale sightings are not super common, and even he after being born and raised on the island had only seen whales about a half dozen times.  This obviously made me quite happy.  I did get some video footage of them and a great photo which is below.

In Victoria I had planned to meet up with Laura, one of my Facebook friends and old coworkers at the Mill of Kintail conservation area!  The part that was even cooler about that was that her parents (Niel and Lucy) just happened to be down as well.  Niel and Lucy were both very amazing teachers in my little town and are very well-known and adored by all (and for good reason).  In the photo Laura is holding the online version of the Humm newspaper from Almonte.  We had dinner and great conversation and then I headed back to catch the last ferry off the island.

Made it back safe and climbed into bed, where I have made use of the sleeping bag that Canadian Tire supplied me with, to make my stay less of an inconvenience.  I don’t always know what I’m goign to do, but knowing I have all of these supplies to tackle whatever comes is very satisfying.







Tomorrow morning I’m heading over to get my oil changed at CT Vancouver and then up to Squamish to see my friend Jen!


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