Day 10 – No Big Deal, I AM Canadian and I AM an Amazing Driver!

21 Jul

I woke up this morning to the best message from my sister.  Natalia (who I’ve mentioned before as being almost 5 and lives in Australia) says, “Why can’t I go see the dinosaurs?”  Then promptly answers her own question with, “Oh yeah, because they’re extinct!” hahaha.  What an amazing kind!

The key part of today is embedded in the title of this post.   The drive from Kamloops, BC to BC’s Country Music  Capital (Merritt) was basically a breeze.  From Merritt to Hope, the drive was the scariest most intense drive ever.  I honestly drove through a cloud on one of BC’s mountains in the rain with huge 18 wheelers passing by on one side and a huge rock cut on the other, or a huge cliff depending on the section of road.  It was intense, but I seriously want to find a “I survived” shirt.  If you can drive that, you can rive anything.  It could only be worse if there was a natural disaster or if it was winter.











Otherwise the drive was somewhat eventless.  Some great photos and amazing views and it was great to get to see the mountains with the fog th

at made it look like Jurassic Park or Transformers or something!

Then I got into Vancouver and got to


see some of the skyscrapers and go to Gransville Island.  What a great day!






Tomorrow I’ll be taking the ferry to Victoria!  Can’t wait!


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