Day 9 – Synonyms for “wow”

20 Jul

Today I’m going to try a few shout outs on top of my usual fun stuff to read!  As I packed up the car today and used these “Invisible Glass” cleaning wipes to clean all the dead bugs off my windshield (Check out how “EPICALLY” it worked), I found a ball cap that I grabbed from home before I left.  I’m not sure how many people are reading this from my old work but the photo is below.







Started the trek towards Banff in “awe” of the foothills towards the Alberta boarder.  Boy was I in for a shock.

I went to meet my friend Jeremy and his girlfriend Kathleen in Banff.  Before entering the city I started to notice some of the most “picturesque” mountains in the horizon.  At this point they did look like just that, pictures, but as I got closer things changed.









Jeremy is a friend from Trent and so that got me thinking of all of my amazing friends from Trent.  If you’re reading this you are amazing and I hope you are well!!!

After having lunch in this “amazing” little sandwich shop, Jeremy and Kathleen suggested that we go canoeing on the water to be able to see more of the view in less time.  Obviously I was stoked to get on the water.

From the water, the mountains were/are “exquisite”.  As we paddled down the stream we ran into a family of Elk!  Or at least a cow and her fawns.  They were “awesome” and we were able to get up fairly close to them (while keeping a safe distance).

























After saying goodbye to them, I headed back on the road towards Kamloops.  As far as drives go, this one is the longest and the most “breathtaking”.  The mountains are the most amazing sight you can see.  There is so much history and so many questions that accompany each of these sections of mountains.

THEN as I was driving I pulled around a corner to find a whole family of mountain goats!!  These things you see in zoos, but in their habitat outside are really quite “cool” looking (dangerous, but cool looking).  Here is a photo of a full grown and a kid.








I stopped at a lookout to see the view and instead found a whole bunch of “hilariously wicked” Prairie Dogs. (Note this is in the mountain, NOT in the Prairies).  I put a photo of both the prairie dogs and the view for you to see.











A blog post would not be the same without me trying to show how hilarious I am, so at this lookout sight there was a statue symbolizing the work of the miners and construction workers.  The monument is simply a pair of pants and a pick axe.  You will see the pants almost fit me.  How “phenomenal” am I?









The post ends with a great shot I took at dusk about 170 miles from Kamloops.  I didn’t get in until quite late, but I finished this post for you to read and I think I will be going to bed!  Good night!


One Response to “Day 9 – Synonyms for “wow””

  1. Stephanie Kolsters July 20, 2012 at 1:58 pm #

    Hi Greg:

    No wonder I haven’t seen your vehicle around. Have a wonderful trip and don’t miss home too much:)

    Your Friend,

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