Day 8 – There are no words… every boy’s dream (especially after seeing Jurassic Park)

19 Jul

Before today’s post, check out me and my friend Jacqueline in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix (here)!!!

Today I left Saskatoon bright and early on the road to Calgary, with a slight detour….  DRUMHELLAR!

If you haven’t heard of Drumhellar before, or have always wanted to see it, be prepared for the most riveting vicarious experience.  First I drive in through the Bad Lands that are EPIC.  I mean huge hills that surround the road.  It is an amazing relief after the prairie day!

Then there is this wicked museum that has a gift store at the front.  This is not any gift store, but the coolest gift store I have ever seen in my life.  Fossils, real bones, stuffed toys, shirts, you name it dinosaur, it’s there.  For me it was cooler and more exciting than a candy store (not that I eat a lot of candy, but you know the expression).  After being utterly distracted by the all the wicked toys and items I decide to check out the museum.  This museum is small but super amazing.  There’s a station for panning for gold and jewels, and some fossils and explanations.  Then at the end there’s this life-sized T-Rex that moves and makes sounds.  It was really cool.  Then the fossil of the biggest shark known to man.  It’s open jaw was the equivalent of my whole arm span!

When I went back into the store I paid for my items.  Let’s just say I’m winning the “Coolest Uncle of the Year” Award (Katie don’t tell Lauchy) but I may have bought a really cool exact replica of a carnivorous dinosaur talon… actually coolest thing ever!  (Lauchy is almost 4).  I also got a wicked stuffed dinosaur for Campbell who is 15 months.  Don’t worry, Natalia (almost 5) was stoked about the Whales so I’m saving her gift for Vancouver!

Then I saw something even cooler!  The biggest/tallest Dinosaur in the world!!!  I drove up and found out that for $3 I could climb to the top… let’s just say… completely worth it!  I attached some photos so you can see how big it is!

After that I continued to Calgary (which wasn’t a huge detour at all) and headed to the Calgary Canadian Tire to pick up some odds and ends for my car.  Tomorrow is the trek through the mountains to BC!  Can’t wait!


One Response to “Day 8 – There are no words… every boy’s dream (especially after seeing Jurassic Park)”

  1. Jeremy Bankes July 19, 2012 at 4:03 am #

    So you didn’t see the real museum:(? The Royal Tyrell museum is the real must see of Drumheller, you better do it on the way back!

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