Day 5 – How Many Times Can You Drive to Perth in One Day?

16 Jul

The answer is a lot from the day I had today.  People said the Timmons to Thunder Bay trek was rough, the Thunder Bay to Winnipeg is way worse.  Don’t get me wrong, there are more little towns and some great people (not to mention some great statues) but wow.  If you’ve ever made the drive to Perth, really either way down Hwy 7, you have basically seen the trip from Thunder Bay to Winnipeg.  7 hours of that.  Also, still no wildlife.  This is probably good, because I’d rather not see it than eat it, but seeing something would be nice.

I met some great new friends at some of the Canadian Tire stores as I drove up here today.  They were honestly super nice!

This morning though, the coolest part of the day, was seeing the Terry Fox Lookout in Thunder Bay.  This lookout not only has the most amazing view but also a statue to one of the most inspirational men in Canada.  As I continue my trip West I continue to think about Terry’s journey and can’t imagine.

I will write more tomorrow when I get to Saskatoon!  It is the most exciting stop of the trip so far so I promise the next few days will be worth reading!


Thanks for reading my story!  #greatcanadianroadtrip


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