Day 4 – “Like Watching Paint Dry”

15 Jul

Today I awoke in Timmins to meet with the Timmins Press at the local Canadian Tire (conveniently right down the road from where I was staying).  He told me about some of the cool local treasures but then was clear that my day’s drive would be “like watching paint dry.”  This was later corroborated by the man at the CTV office.  Although I have not spent much time “watching paint dry”, if any of you are painting soon please invite me over, because this stretch was amazing!  I mean yes there were sections of what I like to call “Almonte” driving (aka looks just like driving back home), but the most amazing lakes, the most amazing shores, and coolest of all… so many giant things.  I saw everything from a Giant Lumberjack to a Space Shuttle and a Snowman.  The “Where am I?” game is very fun and I will try and do a better job of posting those photos to here.

It was very later when I got into Thunder Bay but luckily the sun was still shedding some light until just after 11 pm (which was incredible).  I am learning about the GoPro so I will hopefully have some fun videos to upload.

Tomorrow it is Thunder Bay to Winnipeg.  I’m going to go see the Terry Fox Lookout in the morning and hopefully take a fun photo with the Canadian Tire stay here in T Bay!

I also passed this incredible church which I posted a picture of below.  It was basically in the middle of the lake on a peninsula.  Long since abandoned, but remarkable to see!

I’ll post more tomorrow, it is now midnight and I better get to bed!  Thanks for reading!




















P.s. I still can’t believe Canadian Tire wanted to help me have this wicked adventure!  So great!



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