Day 3 – I Named Here Dorthy and What a Fit

13 Jul

So today I have to start by explaining the title.  Dorthy, my new Magellan gps, and I had a rough beginning to our friendship/Great Canadian love affair.  Let’s just say a couple of times (3) I got myself a little “misguided” because I thought I didn’t want to listen to her.  She is very stern but clearly knows what she’s doing… thus Dorthy.

Anyways so today I left from the friendly town on the road to Timmins… Before I left though I decided I should clean the exterior of the car.  My hometown is in a level 1 drought (just ask my father), so I decided I’d try this “water-free” car cleaner…  Just saying coolest stuff ever.  You can see the video for yourself.  I basically talked about it most of the day… NO WATER, NO STREAKS! (I will do my best to get the video up, it is taking forever)

Got to do a roadside interview with the Almonte/Carleton Place EMC which was cool.  Today’s drive was super uneventful.  No wildlife and really no traffic or construction (which was awesome).  Bright-side, no wildlife on the road.

Made it to Timmins and off to Thunder Bay tomorrow!  Stoked and will post tomorrow!  Tonight’s goal… learn how to use the “GoPro”… challenge EXCEPTED!



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