Day 2 – Oh Hey Ottawa!

12 Jul

Today started with a very early drive from Peterborough to Almonte.  If you didn’t know, Almonte if my hometown, so today was filled with many send offs.  My second mother, Pat, sent me off with a bag full of the most amazing egg rolls.  If you are ever in Almonte, you have to stop in at Cortelli’s.  It is an Italian restaurant, run by Greeks, specializing in Chinese food, and it is my favourite place in the world.  I worked there for 6 years.

I got to me Lois Lee and Derick Fage of the Rogers Tv Ottawa (and we are now Facebook friends… no big deal).  If you want to hear/see what the segment I was in looks like, it is here.  Two local Peterborough Papers posted articles today…  The myKawartha group and the Examiner (click on the name to get to the article).

But the best part of my day was getting the all clear from the Canadian Tire Service department in  Carleton Place.  After an oil change, air filter replacement and work on my brakes, my Suzuki is now ready to hit the road!  Thanks for all your hard work!


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